Validation - The method of determining if a mobile should be given service to the cellular system. Validation often requires matching the ESN of the mobile with it's Mobile ID, and then checking the mobile against files that contain subscribers who should be denied service.

VBAP - Voice Band Audio Processor. A CODEC that handles signal conversion at the microphone and speaker.

VHF - Very High Frequency (30 to 300 MHz).
High Band wireless systems are usually 150 MHz to 216 MHz
Low band wireless systems are usually 30 MHz to 50 MHz

Voice-activated dialing - A feature that permits you to dial a number by calling them out to your cellular phone, instead of punching them in yourself.

Voice circuit - half of a full duplex conversation, I.E.one half of a two way conversation. For example, if two people are talking by phone, each of their voices is considered a separate voice circuit.

Vocoder - Voice coder, speech is encoded before transmission to reduce the number of bits required to represent speech.

Voice mail or voice messaging - A computerized answering system that automatically answers your call, plays a greeting in your own voice and records a message.

Voice Mobile Attenuation Code (VMAC) - One of eight discrete mobile power levels that are dynamically adjusted during a cellular telephone conversation. These power steps are in 4 dB increments.

VSAT -Very Small Aperture Terminal; a small (under 2 meter diameter dish) antenna and satellite receiver.

VSELP - Vector Sum Excited Linear Predictive speech compression coding.

VSWR - Voltage Standing Wave Ratio.

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