TACS - Total Access Communication System. This is the analog cellular FM system used in the United Kingdom and Japan. It uses 25 KHz channels and signaling is super audio.

Talk time - The length of time you can talk on your portable or transportable cellular phone without recharging the battery. The battery capacity of a cellular portable or transportable is usually expressed in terms of so many minutes of talk time OR so many hours of standby time. When you're talking, the phone draws more power from the battery.

Target Cell - The cell that a mobile is going to during the hand off process..

Target Channel Falsing - A condition that exists when co-channel SAT exists on the target channel during handoff, so that target channel does not squelch before arrival of the mobile during the handoff process. This results in noise during the handoff process (before the handoff order) that can be heard by both the landline and mobile parties.

TCM - Trellis Coded Modulation.

TDMA - Time Division Multiple Access.

TETRA - Trans European Trunked Radio Access - European digital cellular land mobile radio system

Termination - A call that is received by a mobile subscriber, that was placed by either a line-line party or another mobile subscriber.

Third Order Intercept - A measure of how well the receiver resists interference caused by multiple interfering signals. This specification gives a single, excellent measure of how well the receiver resists many kinds of overload. It is directly related to the RF compression level.

TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association - U.S. Standards making body

Toll Ticketing - DAS records that are kept at the MTSO for billing purposes. Contains subscriber number, time of call, called number, location of call origination, location of call termination, and other important statistics for proper billing of subscriber.

Toll Ticketing House - A third party company that takes the DAS toll ticketing records and actually bills the subscribers. Non-payment by subscribers is reported to the operating company so denial of service can be performed.

TPC - Three Party Conference Circuit. Used in three party conference, but more importantly, used during every handoff so that the channel-change transition can be made with less noise by connecting the audio of the source and target cells together before the hand off order is sent. (When a handoff is made during a three-party conference call, and the TPC is being used, 'hard-handoffs' exists and the potential for noise during channel changes increases significantly)

Transmitter - The device worn (or held) by the user which sends or "transmits" the sound from the microphone to the receiver. The transmitter actually converts the electrical signal coming from the microphone into a radio signal and then "transmits" it out through some sort of antenna.

Trunk - In cellular systems, this is the connection between the MTSO and CO and the connections between the MTSO and cell sites.

Tumbling ESN - Fraudulent hardware that changes the mobiles ESN every time a call is originated. Since a roamers FIRST call is often screened only for a bad ESN, an infinite number of fraudulent calls can be placed using a tumbling ESN.

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