NAM - Number Assignment Module. The NAM is the electronic memory in the cellular phone that stores the telephone number and electronic serial number. Phones with dual- or multi-NAM features offer the user the option of registering the phone so that it will have two or more phone numbers.

NAMPS - Narrowband Analog Mobile Phone System. This is an analog cellular FM system using 10 KHz wide channels. Signaling is subaudio.

Narrowband - A signal whose bandwidth is on the order of its information bandwidth.

NMT - Nordic Mobile Telephone. Scandinavia cellular phone system. The latest system uses 30 KHz channels, and signaling is done using 1200 Hz and 1800 Hz tones in much the same way as a modem.

No Answer Transfer - A feature that allows calls to a mobile to be transferred to a predetermined number if the mobile does not acknowledge an incoming call or is not answered.

Non-wireline cellular company, or the Block "A" carrier - The FCC, in setting up the licensing and regulatory rules for cellular, decided to license two cellular systems in each market. It reserved one for the local telephone company, and opened the second system -- the Block A system -- to other interested applicants. Non-wireline or Block A systems operate on radio frequencies from 824 to 848 MHz.

NTIA - National Telecommunications and Information Administration, sponsored by the Commerce Department.

Numbering Plan Area (NPA) - The area code.

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