Late Target Channel Keyup - A condition when the target cell does not receive the execute target order in time for the arriving mobile, caused by link delays between MTSO and target cell site. After the mobile retunes to the target cell, noise will be heard on the downlink audio from the target cell, as the assigned voice channel is not on the air (yet). This results in noise during the handoff.

LEO - Low Earth Orbit satellite.

Little LEO - Relatively small and inexpensive satellites that provide low-cost, low-data rate, two-way digital communications, and location positioning to small handheld terminals. The frequency allocations are in the VHF band below 400 MHz. Systems include Leosat, Orbcomm, Starnet, and Vitasat. For example, the Orbcomm system requires 34 satellites for reliable full-world coverage.

LMR - Land Mobile Radio - wireless for specialized applications - e.g., taxi or emergency services

LMS - Local and Monitoring Service.

LNA - Low Noise Amplifier.

Low Side Injection - A superhet receiver design in which the oscillator frequency is below the carrier frequency.

LPC - Linear Predictive Coding compression algorithm.

LTP - Long Term Prediction compression algorithm.

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