Bandit Mobile - A mobile subscriber that is revealed in the toll-ticketing records as having an invalid ESN, invalid telephone number, or other problem that warrants denial of service to that mobile.

Bandwidth - The amount of frequency allocated for an RF transmission. For example, a cellular channel typically has a bandwidth of 30 KHz, I.E. a cellular system requires 30 KHz of frequency per channel to transmit it's signal.

Base station - The base station is a multicircuit transceiver located at the center of a cell whose primary purpose is to handle all incoming & outgoing calls within the cell. The base station relays the mobile's signal to the MTSO via wireline.

BER - Bit Error Rate.

Broadband - A communications channel that has a bandwidth greater than 64 kilobits per second and that can provide higher speed data communications than a standard telephone circuit (also called wide band).

BT - Bandwidth data rate product, filter bandwidth times bit period, for various modulations including GMSK. Also referred as modulation depth. For example, GSM uses GMSK with BT=0.3.

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